Perc6/i - Linux - How to enable Disk Cache Policy

Sekhem Em Pet at
Mon Sep 22 16:07:04 CDT 2008

Hello guys,

We've purchased several PowerEdge 1950III which arrived pre-configured with
RAID0. We started with utilization of the servers just to find out that Disk
Cache Policy is configured as Direct. Our setup comes with Battery.

When deployed OpenManage Server Administrator we can change bunch of stuff
except Disk Cache Policy (which is Disabled).

My question is how to change it to Enable (Cached) via Web or via MegaCLI?
We come from 3ware where we just set cache=on and everything would be done
in seconds.

I do hope that this change will not require to rebuild RAID or similar
destructive requirements.

Thank you!

-- Steve
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