Jumbo frames on PE 1950

Matt Lawrence matt.lawrence at tamu.edu
Sat Sep 20 15:32:43 CDT 2008

Tom Pierce wrote:
> Matt,
> You need to have your ethernet network support 9000 MTU. Most are not 
> configured for it.
> You have to configure the switch/router(s) to pass on 9000 mtu packets.

The switch is configured to handle a MTU of 9000
> ifconfig eth0 will tell you if your machine ethernet card is capable 
> of setting a mtu of 9000. Usually when you set it it wither works or 
> it tells you that the driver does not support 9000 byte packets.

That works just fine.  Also, the "card" is actually the onboard NICs in 
the 1950.

Any idea about what I should try next?

-- Matt

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