DRAC5 stoppedafter servers moved to data centre

Faris Raouf asterisk at raouf.net
Thu Sep 18 05:22:21 CDT 2008

We always had problems with the DRAC5 on our 1950s (same s 2950s really,
aren't they?).


Try issuing a racadm racreset (I think) on the server itself if you still
have SSH access.






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G'Day All,


I had 9 DEL2950 servers in a rack behind a firewall, all with working DRAC
interface and this week I moved them out to a data center, I can log into
the DRAC interface but the console redirection now fails with "Attempting
Connection". it was working for 2 months before the move, being used every
day by myself so I didn't have to walk to the consoles but now the servers
are live, it fails on all servers. No IP change, no firewall rule changes,
I'm really puzzled as to what it is..


Any ideas.. Anyone???




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