[Fwd: Re: centos 4.7 libxml2 omsa problem]

semantico dellpoweredge at semantico.com
Wed Sep 17 10:38:34 CDT 2008

Tony Schreiner wrote:
>> Transaction Check Error:   package libxml2-2.6.16-12.5 (which is  
>> newer than libxml2-2.6.16-12.4) is already installed
> Are you running x86_64? You might have a new version of  
> libxml2.x86_64 already installed. In which case you can install the  
> same version for i386 to satisfy srvadmin.
> Tony Schreiner

Hi Tony,

That worked, thanks for the tip.

   #wget http://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/mirror.centos.org/4.7/updates/i386/RPMS/libxml2-2.6.16-12.4.i386.rpm
   #sudo rpm -i --force libxml2-2.6.16-12.4.i386.rpm

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