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> I have a dell 2900 poweredge with a dell perc5i embedded controller,
> with 2 connectors and 8 disks.
> I want to improve write speeds and was attempting to enable the cache
> policy with this command:
> # omconfig storage vdisk action=changepolicy controller=0 vdisk=0
> cachepolicy=c diskcachepolicy=enabled
> I received this error:
> Operation disabled. Read, action=changepolicy
> .Refer to the documentation for more information.
> Can anyone advise me as to specific documentation for this card and
> which options it supports? I so far have only found very generic
> documentation on the om commands for my card.
> It seems also there is no internal alarm which is disappointing. Is
> there a way to add one?
> # omconfig storage controller action=enablealarm controller=0
> Operation not supported. Read, action=enablealarm
> Refer to the documentation for more information.

You want "Dell OpenManage(tm) Server Administrator Storage Management
User's Guide",
"Appendix A: Supported Features"
There are a number of tables for other controllers so you have to
search.  5/i has

 enable alarm no
 cache policy no

 The full title is the first hit on Google, although it's a slightly
older rev.


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