Unknown CD-ROM errors

Shyam_Iyer at Dell.com Shyam_Iyer at Dell.com
Mon Sep 15 05:02:16 CDT 2008

Faris wrote:
>Disabling HALD (which I'm told is not useful on a server?) stopped the
messages from appearing in the logs, but it is unclear if the kernel is
still freezing or not or if the problem has gone away.

In your case it is worth disabling the media check by the workaround I
suggested Dimitri in the earlier mail.


Dimitri wrote:

>Well, the kernel is the most recent 2.4 version that appears in RHEL 3
and, hence, CENTOS 3. I'd hate to think that I might have to do one of
the two work-arounds, but if I can't come up with another solution ... 

If leaving a CD in the drive causes the message to go away then we are
on the right track(as suggested by another gentleman in the list). If
the error stops getting logged then would like to rule out any other
application trying to check the media unless the scsi_errror thread is
kicked in once in a while.

After you have done the test of putting the media on the CD drive could
you try enabling the scsi loglevel on your system once without the CD
media in the drive and once with it. You should be able to see the scsi
error thread kicking in the log file.

Procedure to enable scsi logging- 

Append the following to /etc/sysctl.conf file -


Issue the following command to enable the loging -

# sysctl -p

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