Unknown CD-ROM errors

Faris Raouf asterisk at raouf.net
Fri Sep 12 14:16:56 CDT 2008

On Friday 12 September 2008 11:15 am, Shyam_Iyer at dell.com wrote:
> Dimitri wrote:
> > Shyam wrote:
> > > I would suspect hal to be doing that though I am not sure since you
> > > are using CentOS 3.
> > >
> > > If stopping the hal service to go away can you check if CentOS3
> allows
> > > for this. (Don't have a setup to try this out)
> > >
> > > Check if you have some files under /usr/share/hal/fdi/policy/ that
> do
> > > a test on media check.
> > >
> > > Typicall the file would be a *.fdi file and would contain a key with
> > > some string like this -
> > >
> > > "storage.media_check_enabled". If you make this check "false" then
> hal
> > > would stop check for this.
> > >
> > > Thanks,
> > >
> > > Shyam Iyer
> > >
> > > Linux Engineering
> >
> > Shyam,
> >
> > I really appreciate the quick response.  Alas, HAL isn't running on
> the CentOS
> > 3 systems (but is on our CentOS 4 and 5 systems).  Any other ideas?
> Uh ok sorry. Do you have lvm on your system? It is possible that your CD
> drive is in the lvm cache file. Search /etc/lvm/.cache file for CD. I
> have sometimes seen that this problem goes away by removing the CD from
> the lvm cache.
> Now, I think this could have crept it in if you did a CD install.
> -Shyam

>>No LVM either.
>>These boxes were set up four years ago, and syill run most excellently,
>>for this issue which only recently appeared.  I'm not sure how to 
>>troubleshoot it - what might possibly be cauing it, what tools I might

I wonder if this problem is related to mine in some unfathomable way?

I started to get these errors on what turned out to be two R200s under
Centos 5 (I previously posted a message about it only happening on one, but
it was both) a few weeks back.

As it turns out, when the message appears, it freezes the kernel for a bit.

Disabling HALD (which I'm told is not useful on a server?) stopped the
messages from appearing in the logs, but it is unclear if the kernel is
still freezing or not or if the problem has gone away.

Anyway, two knowledgeable friends tell me the problem is kernel related (and
one has a bunch of R200s also exhibiting the same issue under Centos 4[I

However, given that you are on CoS3, I can't imagine how it would be related
to my problem as you won't be running a recent kernel - or are you?

Anyway, the easiest way to stop the problem is, I guess, either to stick a
cd in the drive so that it can read something, or to disable the CD-ROM
drive in the BIOS. Not ideal solutions I suppose, but they would work.


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