Migrating raid1 valumes from PERC 6/iR to PERC 5/i

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Fri Sep 12 04:55:23 CDT 2008

2008/9/10  <Patrick_Boyd at dell.com>:
> Yes it will work out of the box. Under certain circumstances you may
> need to enter the option ROM to import the foreign configuration, but in
> general the card will do that for you.
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>> Your title and your email don't exactly say the same thing so let me
> see
>> if I can cover all the cases:
> right we have a
> i don't know how i got it mixed
> there is no such thing as perc 6/iR
>> SAS 5 to PERC 5  = This is supported.
>> SAS 5 to PERC 6  = This is supported.
w found a free machine witch SAS 5/IR

it got volumes imported to SAS 6/iR but PERC 6/i can't import it. It
fails with an unknown error.

log from controller is attached,

i tried importing from card's bios and from omsa.

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