PE2950 III & Xen crashiness

Bill McGonigle bill at
Fri Sep 12 03:14:05 CDT 2008

On Sep 12, 2008, at 03:34, Johann Spies wrote:

> Just out of curiosity: why did you install a 32-bit system on it?  I
> suppose it must be a pae-enabled kernel otherwise you would not be
> able to utilize all the ram.

Only to have one fewer flavor to manage, download updates for, etc.   
You're right, the 32-bit Xen kernel in CentOS 5.2 is PAE enabled - I  
guess they figure you're going to want lots of RAM with Xen. (and how!)

However Pietro's experience seems to indicate that maybe this  
combination is a problem since 64-bit just worked for him.  I'm  
pretty sure that I can switch between the two without changing my  

If anybody happens to know how I could troubleshoot the 32-bit  
version I'd be willing to give that a shot too.


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