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The name used to access a tape device affects its behavior -- /dev/stx
causes a rewind after each job.  Use /dev/nstx to stop the tape in place
after a job is complete.
So, try this:
Write the first job to tape (rewinding upon completion):   
        # tar -czvf /dev/st0 backup-01-09.tar.gz      
Verify the first job (stopping in place afterwards):                
        # tar -tvf /dev/nst0 
Write the second job(rewinding upon completion):
        # tar -czvf /dev/st0 backup-02-09.tar.gz
Verify both jobs (stopping in place to allow another job to be added if
        # tar -tvf /dev/nst0
        # tar -tvf /dev/nst0
Hope that helps!


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Dear all,
i am trying to backup on tape drive (lto3), but when i save it , it
always overwrite on previous files. even though i am writing every time
a new file. 
#tar -cvf /dev/st0  backup-01-09.tar.gz
#tar -tvf /dev/st0
#tar -czvf /dev/st0 backup-02-09.tar.gz
#tar -tvf /dev/st0
Why ? 
and how do i know space left on tape drive before backup.  i am using
single cartridge IBM LTO 3 tape drive.


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