MD1000 connected with two SAS cables in unified mode

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Thu Sep 11 07:15:35 CDT 2008

On Thursday 11 September 2008 13:06:31 Patrick_Fischer at wrote:
> This configuration is a problem and results in many times in seeing all
> luns 2 times.
> Two cables are only supported in split mode in all other cases only one.
> It has its cause that it is not in the manual because it doesn't make
> sence anyway.
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> Subject: MD1000 connected with two SAS cables in unified mode
> The MD1000 array on my Redhat server was connected with two SAS cables
> from the dual port PERC 5 card to each EMM on the MD1000 array.
> It operates in unified mode.
> This configuration is not described in the
> MD1000 Hardware owners manual.
> Could this configuration cause problems?
> Does this configuration provide any benefit?

Wouldn't this be a case for using dm-multipath to take care of the multiple 
paths to each LUN?


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