PE2950 III hardware supported by RHEL 3?

Moe, Justin at
Wed Sep 10 18:02:16 CDT 2008

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> Justin Moe wrote:
> > ...Granted, it's way the heck out there in unsupported land, and if
> > kicks your dog, Dell or RH won't help you fix it, but it does work.
> If nothing else, this gave me a good laugh, so thanks!

Glad that I could help in some way.  :-)

> As I mentioned, if it was for one of my systems I'd just use VMware,
> it isn't.  Probably not wise to go the "unsupported, dog kicking
> either.  ;-)  I think I'll see how difficult it would be to move the
> application as-is to a clean install of RHEL 4 on the new hardware.
> Thanks everyone for the advice.

Well, I almost get the feeling that it's not supported because they
couldn't get it to work or they didn't want to deal with that old of a
kernel, but like I said, it was due to a mangled PCI ID file.

I don't have a 2950 with a PERC/6i (SAS, if it makes a difference)
available at this time to test it myself (but I still have the disk
image I made for the OS and environment I was dealing with), but from
what testing I did do while I had access to the machine, it works

Whatever way you go, good luck and I hope it all goes smoothly.  At this
point, my wife almost always adds about an hour extra when I tell her
how long some project/job on the machines will take to finish.  My luck
tends to run along the lines of 'There ain't no such thing as smoothly'.

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