linux + firefox + drac 5 console = no go?

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Wed Sep 10 07:34:04 CDT 2008

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> >>> Hi all,
> >>>
> >>> Is anyone else having problems accessing system consoles
> >>> using linux + firefox + drac 5?
> >>>
> >>> I can access the DRAC, but when I hit "Console Redirect" I get a
> >>>   Loading the Console Redirection Plugin...
> >>> and then nothing but an hourglass.
> >>>
> >>> Our security team checked the FW logs, but there's nothing there.
> >>> I know this used to work.  My guess is that one of the recent
> >>> updates (to linux or firefox) screwed this up.
> >>
> >> Then you know more than I do. We have never gotten it too work. neither
> >> in FF1, FF2 or FF3... Sad but true. Sticking to VM with IE6 and no
> >> security, with VM set to discard changes upon shutdown. Works fine.
> >
> > I second this too. I've stopped ordering machines with DRAC since the
> > only function I really need from them is a remote console and it has not
> > worked for me for a very long time.
> >
> > In fact when IBM recent matched Dell on a bid I gladly jumped to using
> > their gear since their RAS remote console actually works. As you can
> > guess, it's a sore point with me since ALL of my machines are remote.
> Ditto.   I find them useful for power on/off, but for console it is
> completely useless.  I don't have any windows machines and thus do not
> have IE6 un-patched.  I am not going to waste a VM for a windows install
> and even if I were, it is against policy to install windows.  Hopefully
> they are working on a firmware upgrade that completely changes the
> console architecture.  In the mean time I am looking for alternative
> cards.  We had a KVM solution but it was horrible and that is why we
> started getting the DRACs with all the servers.  I was not the one who
> tested the DRAC.   :-(

Firefox 2 32bit under SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 works for me, including 
the DRAC 5 console. If you are root, installing and running the console 
plugin works out of the box. If you are not root, you have to adjust your 
file system permissions.

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