PCIe Degraded with Link Width Error

Chamberland, Robert rchamberland at chs.ca
Tue Sep 9 12:40:40 CDT 2008


Hi everyone,


I have a PE 2950 which I recently rebooted and when it came up the
system halted with:


PCIe Degraded with Link Width Error: Embedded NIC 2

Expected Link Width is x4

Actual Link Width is x1

System Halted


Remote Access Admin log shows:

POST Error: POST sensor, POST fatal error #254


I'm not sure what any of it means.


A quick Google has docs which say to reseat the NIC, but this is
obviously an embedded NIC so probably a bad idea to try that.  Dell has
a tech on the way with a replacement motherboard, but does anyone find
it odd that a buggy embedded NIC can bring a system to a halt?  I have
unembedded NICs on my systems for redundancy, but I guess if an embedded
NIC goes amuck I won't be able to get past the system halt in order to
use them?


Rob C

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