dsm_om_connsvc32d consuming a lot of CPU?

Dan Stromberg dstromberglists at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 11:41:27 CDT 2008

We have one IPMI user that two different Linux users log into
sometimes.  Does that answer your question of how many users we have
logging into OMSA?

I'm not sure how to tell what version our OMSA is (and google didn't
show much on the topic), but does this answer the question?

# rpm -q -f /opt/dell/srvadmin/omsa/bin/libdcadpt32.so
WT-master-root:/opt/dell/srvadmin x86_64-suse-linux 25686 - above cmd
done 2008 Tue Sep 09 09:32 AM

# rpm -q -f /opt/dell/srvadmin/LICENSE.txt
WT-master-root:/opt/dell/srvadmin x86_64-suse-linux 25686 - above cmd
done 2008 Tue Sep 09 09:32 AM


On Tue, Sep 9, 2008 at 6:17 AM,  <Kurt_Olsson at dell.com> wrote:
> You have multiple users logging in to OMSA?  Seems like I saw this fixed
> in a later release... What version of OMSA are you using?
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> Subject: dsm_om_connsvc32d consuming a lot of CPU?
> Has anyone encountered a problem where dsm_om_connsvc32d starts taking
> up 100% CPU, and (unusually) other processes start starving for
> resources?
> Sometimes we got a few or a dozen machines doing this at the same time
> - but our workloads are pretty similar across machines.
> I'm told that during the problem, omreport will hang.  Further, from
> what I'm hearing, srvadmin-services.sh stop followed by
> srvadmin-services.sh start will make the problem go away - for a
> while.  Then it comes back, of course.
> Usually I find that a single process pegging the CPU doesn't slow down
> other processes down all that much - at least not as much as a process
> that's paging a lot - but in this case an important part of our main
> application gets messed up - it may be getting CPU-starvation
> timeouts, as I don't think it's talking to the srvadmin services.
> TIA!
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