dsm_om_connsvc32d consuming a lot of CPU?

Kurt_Olsson at Dell.com Kurt_Olsson at Dell.com
Tue Sep 9 08:17:10 CDT 2008

You have multiple users logging in to OMSA?  Seems like I saw this fixed
in a later release... What version of OMSA are you using?

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Subject: dsm_om_connsvc32d consuming a lot of CPU?

Has anyone encountered a problem where dsm_om_connsvc32d starts taking
up 100% CPU, and (unusually) other processes start starving for

Sometimes we got a few or a dozen machines doing this at the same time
- but our workloads are pretty similar across machines.

I'm told that during the problem, omreport will hang.  Further, from
what I'm hearing, srvadmin-services.sh stop followed by
srvadmin-services.sh start will make the problem go away - for a
while.  Then it comes back, of course.

Usually I find that a single process pegging the CPU doesn't slow down
other processes down all that much - at least not as much as a process
that's paging a lot - but in this case an important part of our main
application gets messed up - it may be getting CPU-starvation
timeouts, as I don't think it's talking to the srvadmin services.


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