Daisy chaining of Dell M1000e CMC's (DRACs)

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> You have to upgrade to CMC FW 1.2:

Thanks, we just upgraded 1 out of 2 chassis and it looks promising.

> Daisy-chain CMC Network Connection
> If you have multiple chassis in a rack, you can reduce the number of
> connections to the management network by daisy-chaining up to four chassis
> together. If each of four chassis contains a redundant CMC, by
> daisy-chaining
> you reduce the number of management network connections required from
> eight to two. If each chassis has only one CMC, you reduce the connections
> required from four to one.
> When daisy-chaining chassis together, GB1 is the "uplink" port and STK is
> the "stacking" port. A GB1 port must connect to the management network or
> to the STK port of the CMC in a chassis that is closer to network. The STK
> port must only receive a connection from a GB1 port further from the chain.
> Create separate chains for the CMCs in the primary CMC slot and the
> second CMC slot.
> Follow these steps to daisy-chain up to four chassis:
> 1 Connect the GB1 port of the primary CMC in the first chassis to the
> management network.
> 2 Connect the GB1 port of the primary CMC in the second chassis to the STK
> port of the primary CMC in the first chassis.
> 3 If you have a third chassis, connect the GB1 port of its primary CMC to
> the STK port of the primary CMC in the second chassis.
> 4 If you have a fourth chassis, connect the GB1 port of its primary CMC to
> the STK port of the third chassis.
> 5 If you have redundant CMCs in the chassis, connect them using the same
> pattern.
> NOTICE: The STK port on any CMC must never be connected to the management
> network. It can only be connected to the GB1 port on another chassis.
> Connecting a STK port to the management network can disrupt the network.
> NOTE: Never connect a primary CMC to a secondary CMC.
> NOTE: Resetting a CMC whose STK port is chained to another CMC can disrupt
> the network for CMCs later in the chain. The "child" CMCs may log messages
> indicating that the network link has been lost and they may fail over to
> their redundant CMCs.
> Regards
> Andreas
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> >Hi,
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> >Excuse the OT but I have spent some days trying to get CMC daisy chaining
> to work without luck. Searching the web I find this thread[1] where someone
> told that it's a future feature. ¿There is any way to get it to work?
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> >Thanks you in advance.
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> >[1]
> http://www.delltechcenter.com/thread/1665863/Configuring+a+multi+chassis+HPC+cluster+with+2950+head+node
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