linux + firefox + drac 5 console = no go?

Ben bda20 at
Mon Sep 8 09:19:07 CDT 2008

On Mon, 8 Sep 2008, Robert von Bismarck wrote:

>> [DRAC fails to work with $SUBJECT coombination]
>> I second this too. I've stopped ordering machines with DRAC since the 
>> only function I really need from them is a remote console and it has not 
>> worked for me for a very long time.
>> In fact when IBM recent matched Dell on a bid I gladly jumped to using 
>> their gear since their RAS remote console actually works. As you can 
>> guess, it's a sore point with me since ALL of my machines are remote.
> I second (third?) this as well. The DRAC is really below par for remote 
> console access. On a side note, we had very good experience with the 
> remote access boards of the newer Sun x86 gear, with either text-mode (via 
> ssh) or graphical console using a java (yuck!) client, but sadly Sun still 
> can't match Dell for the pricing.

Another vote here for Sun's iLOM stuff.  It Just Works.  Dell would do well 
to take a look at (for example) an x4400 M2 chassis for layout, BIOS options 
(AMI) and lights out management administration.  Sun's stuff blows a PE 2950 
III with a DRAC out of the water.  The graphical (KVM) and serial console 
access is flawless when used from a linux (RHEL5/FF3.0.1/Sun JRE 1.6) 

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