PE2950 III hardware supported by RHEL 3?

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I realize that I misspoke a bit in an earlier email I sent to the OP.

What I based the disk off of was the perc 5/I driver disk.  The megaraid_sas driver version 3.16 supports both chipsets, it's just not officially supported.

I have successfully installed and booted a system running kernel 2.4.21-20.ELsmp and 2.4.21-20.EL off of a mirror RAID volume on a PERC 6/I in a 2950III.

It was a few months ago ago, so I don't quite recall the exact details on how it works, and frankly right now, I don't have the time to pick apart the driver floppy image sitting on my development box.

What it came down to was that the 3.16 megaraid_sas driver available from Dell for the 5/I does support the 6/I, but the pci id files are b0rken.

Once I fixed those and tweaked the disk image to work with the kernel (patch levels were different), it worked a treat.  Granted, it's way the heck out there in unsupported land, and if it kicks your dog, Dell or RH won't help you fix it, but it does work.

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RHEL 3 is in maintenance mode and will not have drivers for the PERC 6.  This will prevent an install on most newer 9th gens.  If you have a PERC 5, you could probably get away with running RHEL 3 Update 8.  Otherwise, using vmware, xen, etc. as was previously suggested would be the only options to get RHEL 3 to run on newer systems. 

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