DELL 2650 PERC3/Di aacraid monitoring

Simon Waters simonw at
Thu Sep 4 06:22:38 CDT 2008

Hmm, I was under the impression the accraid driver would log to the kernel log 
when it encounters a disk problem - seems not.

I now have a cron job calling afacli set up to monitor disk status.

At the risk of repeating a query from December 2007 
what do "open" and "valid" mean in the context of listing the controllers.

Davis's answer, doesn't explain when state transition takes place, I'd expect 
from this any mounted file system to be marked as "Valid" all the time, since 
it is mounted.

Usually afa0 gives usage as "Valid" but sometimes as "Open", but the disk 
array is mounted as /dev/sda0 and in use since May 2007 (power problems - 

Linux version 
Red Hat/Adaptec aacraid driver (1.1.2-lk2 Feb  9 2006)
AAC0: kernel 2.8.4 build 6098
AAC0: monitor 2.8.4 build 6098
AAC0: bios 2.8.0 build 6098
AAC0: serial 8a6810d3fafaf001
scsi0 : percraid

Guess it is time to order a replacement disk drive, since although it resynced 
it reports more defects than the others.

I'm guessing this one is probably out of guarantee.

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