Failure Predicted

Aaron McKinnon mckinnon at
Wed Sep 3 12:01:33 CDT 2008

I have a new disk in a 2650 due t a failure. The array rebuilt just 
fine, but I show that it's predicted to fail:

# omreport storage pdisk controller=0 pdisk=1:4
Hard Disk 1:4 on Controller PERC 3/Di (Embedded)

Controller PERC 3/Di (Embedded)
ID                        : 1:4
Status                    : Ok
Name                      : Physical Disk 1:4
State                     : Online
Failure Predicted         : Yes
Progress                  : Not Applicable
Type                      : SCSI
Capacity                  : 68.36 GB (73398812672 bytes)
Used RAID Disk Space      : 68.36 GB (73398812672 bytes)
Available RAID Disk Space : 0.00 GB (0 bytes)
Hot Spare                 : No
Vendor ID                 : SEAGATE
Product ID                : ST373307LC     
Revision                  : 0007
Serial No.                : 3HZ93NXP00007508TS7W
Negotiated Speed          : Not Available
Capable Speed             : Not Available
Manufacture Day           : Not Available
Manufacture Week          : Not Available
Manufacture Year          : Not Available
SAS Address               : Not Available

Can this be assumed accurate and if so do I request a new drive due to 
smart errors?



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