Linux on PE2950, PV220S and very slow PV124T

David B. haazeloud at
Tue Sep 2 07:12:21 CDT 2008

Patrick_Fischer at a écrit :
> Hi,
> Did you test the performance of the 220 with a tool like iometer. Results?
> Is it the same Server where you test from the internal disks and the Storage Enc. Or did we have Switches and Network between it?
> Configured VD's in the PV? Cache Settings of the VD's? (Read Policy at least?)

I did not test PV220S with iometer yet.

PV220S, PV124T and SAS internal disks are on the same server (PE 2950).
- PERC 5/i Integrated Embedded for internal disks.
- PERC 4/DC PCI for PV220S
- 39320A Ultra320 SCSI PCI for PV124T.

No network here.

PV220S detail :
PV220S Rack
Ultra4 Single Enclosure Mgmt Module
external cable VHDCI-SCSI - 1 m
14 x 300 GB SCSI 10000rpm hard drives

2 RAID 5 VD, VD 1 with 8 drives, VD 2 with 6 drives.
FS on both  : ext3, dir_index ON
Read Policy : direct
Write Policy : write back
Cache settings : Direct I/O

Transfert from memory to PV124T is ok
Transfert from internal disks to PV124T is ok.
Transfert from PV220S VD2 (big files) : 3 hours for 350 GB, ok.
Transfert from PV220S VD1 (lots of small files) : 20 to 22 hours for 300 
GB, NOT ok.
(around 12 000 000 files)

Kernel active : 2.6.26 #3 SMP
Kernel tested too : 2.6.18-92.1.10.el5

Same problem with both, but 2.6.26 seems to be a bit faster.
Omreport did not see PERC 4/DC with 2.6.26, but mount is ok and i can 
see PV220S VD1 and VD2.

Thank you.

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