SLES10 SP2 on 2950 with a Perc6/iR raid controller

Jayson Smuts jayson at
Tue Sep 2 05:52:57 CDT 2008

Hi all

I have done a clean install on a 2950 with a perc6/iR controller

I have loaded the two drivers that dell recommend
the network card loaded and the raid controller
with dkms status shows the loaded modules output below

sa1:/home/jayson # dkms status
bnx2, 1.7.1c: added
mptlinux, added

this shows the correct driver Ver 4.00.07 as loaded

The only concern I have is the dell server admin web interface
still shows me Ver 3.04.06 where as dkms shows me the version i loaded
Ver 4.00.07 for the mptsas module is Ver 4.00.07

Are both mptsas and mptlinux supposed to be loaded or does mptlinux replaced mptsas
as I presume mptsas is the item showing as version 3.04.06

How are others running there installation

Regards Jayson

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