SC1435 and jbd-1.1-multiarch-1.tar.gz

Hall, James hall.jf at
Mon Jun 30 15:25:22 CDT 2008

Does anyone have more information about this "urgent" fix:


It is listed in the d/l section on the support site. It claims:

This is a replacement of the kernel module JDB that is used for ext3
filesystem journaling

Under certain filesystem loads a corruption of kernel structures can
take place. This contains a patch to resolve the issue

No further explanation is provided, or what kernels I should or should
not apply this too. Only that:

This fix is for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 only, and supports both x86
and x86_64


I am leery of applying this update, I need a bit more convincing. Is it
possible this was fixed in a newer kernel? 

We are at -  2.6.9-55.0.12.ELsmp x86_64



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