No all RAM is seen by Linux

Jared list-dell at
Sun Jun 29 15:14:01 CDT 2008

Hey, guys.  Sorry for the late response to this.  It was put on the back 
burner for a while, but I wanted to let you know that I have the issue 
resolved.  The cause?  I'm a complete dumb***.

I'm running Xen on this server.  Out of 8 GB total, I have 1 DB dedicated to 
each of 2 guests, and 0.5 GB dedicated to a third.  The host reports that 
it's only seeing 5.5 GB, and if we do the math...  yep, that checks out.

I thought about Xen possible causing the problem a bunch of times, but not 
quite like that.  I mean, it certainly makes sense, but I guess I didn't 
expect the total memory even seen by the host to drop like that, and 
omreport's summary really made me think something was wrong.

Anyway, just wanted to follow up on this.  Thanks again for the suggestions, 
and sorry it just ended up being a complete waste of time.


On 06/18/08 08:05, Patrick_Fischer at wrote:
> The Pe 2950 doesn't have such a feature. No changes for redundant memory
> can be set.
> Further idea which fixes the same issue on ESX:
> - mixed memory modules in the server with different sizes
> - POST and Server Admin shows correct values but ESX not
> - Root Cause: the smaller dims were placed in the first banks and the
> larger in the later ones
> - change it that the larger dims are in bank 1 and the smaller in the
> other/last banks ESX recognize the dimm's correct
> - Note: in this server the memory must installed in identical pairs
> This helps?

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