pediags running on 6650 with RedHawk Linux 4.2

Philip Tait philip at
Fri Jun 27 16:14:04 CDT 2008

We have a 6650 that had a kernel panic last week. It looks like a
hardware issue, but we'd like to confirm this by running the 'pediags'
memory test.

I downloaded the RHEL4 version of pediags, believing this to be the
closest match. During installation, srvadmin-hapi installation failed.
The README indicated that I might need to install an updated version of
openIPMI (current version installed is OpenIPMI-1.4.14-1.4E.13). I
downloaded openipmi-33.13.RHEL4-1dkms, but this failed to build the DKMS

Has anyone got 'pediags' to install with RedHawk 4.2?

Alternatively, can I run 'pediags' from a bootable CD?

Thanks for any advice,

Philip J. Tait

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