SAS6iR Loaner Help Me Please!

Erik Cummings ecummings at
Fri Jun 27 13:14:45 CDT 2008

This is begging for hardware - if you could spare a couple (2-4?)  
SAS6iR cards for a couple of weeks....

We have 8 x R200 servers which were (for mysterious reasons I won't go  
into right now!) bought without RAID cards.  These are some low end  
production servers that were supposed to be live last week.  I've had  
them for a month and Dell has delayed and delayed my order of 8 x  
SAS6iR cards.  Now today I found out my order was CANCELLED!

I'm screaming/hopping mad, but my rep (and his backup) are BOTH out of  
town today.  Sales (general) has resubmitted the order but are telling  
me 1-2 weeks!!!

If there is anyone out there that can spare two to four (four would be  
perfect, the other 4 I'm ordering are for spare servers) I'd be  
forever if your debt!  I'll pick up fedex shipping costs - and I'll  
ship you the brand new ones as soon as they get here.


P.S.  So you know the full story - they say the order was cancelled  
one month after it was placed (and approved and I received  
confirmation!) because the credit card was invalid!  He ran the same  
darn card today and it was fine - so I'm not sure I believe their  
story!  I can give you plenty of references of trustworthiness - and I  
ALWAYS repay a favor!

P.P.S.  If you have a relatively low cost alternative suggestion - I'd  
be happy to run down to the local electronics store and buy some other  
RAID card - but because these are prod servers I was trying to stay  
with the "officially" supported Dell design!  It's a SIMPLE two drive  
mirror/RAID 1 that I want.

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