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Kevin Davidson kevin at
Fri Jun 27 04:28:58 CDT 2008

Not very Dell related, but you probably want something like this:

find . -name FILENAMEPATTERN -exec grep -n SEARCHPATTERN {} /dev/null \;

Which will search for strings matching SEARCHPATTERN in any file that  
matches FILENAMEPATTERN in the current directory or below. You will  
get the filename and line number of any matches. I suggest reading the  
man pages for find and grep. You may need to learn about filename  
globbing and regular expressions as well to refine this further. Good  

Kevin Davidson
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On 27 Jun 2008, at 06:33, ammad shah <mammadshah at> wrote:

> Dear all,
> can i search a word from multiple files. i did the following but it  
> didn't worked.
> find   .  -name 06-22-2008 | grep "download"
> thanks.
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