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Michael_Christensen2 at Dell.com Michael_Christensen2 at Dell.com
Thu Jun 26 09:52:33 CDT 2008

Hi Ray,

This is why its listed as degraded. 
Firmware Version                  : 521S
Minimum Required Firmware Version : 522D

Normally its only cosmetic and can be ignored unless you want the report
to look pristine.
However since the newer firmware versions do fix some nasty bugs, you
might want to update.

Latest version and change log
Perc 4e/Di, Firmware v.5A2D, A18 
1. Fixed an issue of system lock ups and controller hangs caused due to
single bit/multi bit errors in some configurations.
2. Modified the PERC Option ROM to improve CHS Cylinder/Head/Sector) to
LBA (Logical Block Address) translation, to add support for newer disk
partition utilities like Diskpart 2

The two versions after the version you currently use and their change

Perc 4e/Di, Firmware v.522A, A15
1. Fixed an issue that could cause a blue screen, file system error or
system hang when using EVPD inquiry commands.
2. Fixed an issue where the write cache policy is reported incorrectly
under rare circumstances.

LSI Logic Perc 4e/Di v.521X, A12
1. Fixed a potential data integrity issue that may occur when accessing
RAID 5 or 50 arrays.
2. Fixed an issue that could cause a blue screen or hang when Patrol
Read finds a bad block
on a RAID array that is configured in a sliced config, which is when 2
or more RAID arrays
are created on the same set of physical disks.
3. Resolved a potential blue screen or hang issue in systems with 8GB or
more of system memory.
4. Fixed possible hang condition, resulting in system lockup and loss of
storage access.

Note: sometimes you need to reboot before Linux sees the change in size.


Note: Hi Jimmy :)

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