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Thu Jun 26 06:38:01 CDT 2008

It should be work. The perc 5 i support SATA raid and SAS Raid but not
mixed, means in one raid array 2 kinds of standards. Different arrays
should be work without issues. Ive seen Sata raids and Sas raids on
these controller but not on one controller at the same time, sorry. 

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With perc 5/i raid controller I'd like to manage two raid:
- 4 x Sas, raid 10
- 2 x Sata, raid 1

Is a single perc 5/i card able to manage these two different raid
systems, with different hd type (sas & sata)?

Moreover I need the following confirmation: perc 5/i can manage 8 hd
(sata or sata), it has 2x4 connection.


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