SAS 5/i device limit?

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Per Controller Channel 4 Phys => 1 Phy (sas technology) - one device, 8
devices with both channels.
If you have a backplane you need 2 sas cables from each port of the
controller to each port of the backplane.
Or 2 times a 1-4drop cable if you have no backpane to attach the devices

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Subject: SAS 5/i device limit?

I have a new PE2900 with a SAS 5/i Integrated (non-RAID) controller. 
Although the BIOS shows 8 device channels enabled (as does lsiutil), it
appears that devices are only seen in the first 4 of the 8 slots. Any
way to coerce this controller to see all 8 devices? If not, what are my
best options? I do not need any form of RAID support. TIA,


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