auto loading MIB files

christian.peper at christian.peper at
Tue Jun 24 06:57:03 CDT 2008

> Try 
> snmpwalk -m ALL -v 2c -c public ligeti 
> to load all MIBs. 


If the cmd above loads the MIBs successfully, then adding that line to
the /etc/rc.local (i.e. autoexec.bat) of your server will force an init
at startup of the server. Every time. So that should work but is a bit
dirty and brute force.

You could write a proper rc.X init script for the snmp daemon but that
costs more time and money and this works. Only downside is that you have
to document it, because I'm sure you'll forget you did it and where you
did it, 5 months from now when are rolling out a new server and run into
the same problem. ;)

Hope this helps,
Linux engineer at KPN

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