PERC 5/i on Debian etch

Michael_Christensen2 at Michael_Christensen2 at
Tue Jun 24 05:34:28 CDT 2008

Thanks Michael, 

Sorry, but I explained bad my question, I do NOT want to see the
disks, my question is:

If I create a raid 5 with the controller perc 5/i, during the
installation of 
debian I regularly see the array that I created, even if the controller
not officially supported by Dell for Debian?

I ask this because with some controllers I have to create a raid through
bios controller, but then the volume RAID was not seen by the operating 
system. If I am not mistaken this type of controllers are called

Hi Alessio, 

The volumes should only be accessible, if the OS you are installing has
a compatible driver for the Perc5/i raid controller from LSI built-in,
or if you supply it with one during the installation process. The Perc
series of controllers are not "fake-raid" (driver assisted) but real
100% hardware raid ones.

Supplying the driver during install is possible with Red Hat, I'm not
100% certain that Debian has that functionality, as I'm not familiar
with its installer, sorry but as long as you install kernel 2.6.x or
newer, you should be okay. (read more here


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