No all RAM is seen by Linux

Aaron dell at
Wed Jun 18 04:28:24 CDT 2008

I have several dozen 2950's running CentOS4/32bit regular smp kernel, 
some have 16GB Ram, the rest have 8GB.  All of them can see all of their 
memory, no problem.  I am also running CentOS5 on some of them.  Same 
deal.  Unless you changed something in the BIOS specifically, then I 
seriously doubt it has anything to do wtih BIOS settings.  To rule that 
out, you could boot up on any live distro (knoppix, ubuntu, CentOS, 
several others) and see if the memory shows up for them.  Even more 
specifically, you could boot up in memtest on the live distros that have 
it.  If someone may have changed something in the BIOS, then you may 
wish to put it back to factory defaults.


Jared wrote:
> It's a 2950, purchased last November.  I'm not really sure if it supports 
> the features you suggested.  I looked through the BIOS a few times, but 
> never same anything that seems like it'd be related to this (but then again, 
> if I knew what WAS causing it, there'd be no problem to begin with).
> Are there any specific BIOS options that I can check for this?
> --
> Jared
> On 06/18/08 01:13, Patrick_Fischer at wrote:
>> Which Server?
>> Maybe a large one which supports memory mirroring or sparing and this is
>> enabled in the Bios?
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>> Thanks for the suggestion.  However, this is a 64-bit system.  The OS
>> itself 
>> shouldn't have any trouble seeing the RAM that's presented to it.
>> Also, I have checked the BIOS, and it indeed shows that there is 8 GB
>> total 
>> RAM, just as omreport shows.
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