No all RAM is seen by Linux

Jared list-dell at
Wed Jun 18 01:20:36 CDT 2008

It's a 2950, purchased last November.  I'm not really sure if it supports 
the features you suggested.  I looked through the BIOS a few times, but 
never same anything that seems like it'd be related to this (but then again, 
if I knew what WAS causing it, there'd be no problem to begin with).

Are there any specific BIOS options that I can check for this?


On 06/18/08 01:13, Patrick_Fischer at wrote:
> Which Server?
> Maybe a large one which supports memory mirroring or sparing and this is
> enabled in the Bios?
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> Thanks for the suggestion.  However, this is a 64-bit system.  The OS
> itself 
> shouldn't have any trouble seeing the RAM that's presented to it.
> Also, I have checked the BIOS, and it indeed shows that there is 8 GB
> total 
> RAM, just as omreport shows.

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