Power Management for PowerEdge 1400SC

Jason Nance jbnance at tresgeek.net
Tue Jun 17 21:58:39 CDT 2008

If it's 12 hours later it isn't an operating system issue, it's either a
BIOS setting or something on your network issues a wake on LAN or ipmi or
something similar to that.


On 6/17/08 8:25 PM, "Kevin" <dx27s at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I have a PowerEdge 1400SC running Debian Linux. When I shut down the
> machine, it inevitably powers itself back on after 12 hours. In my
> case, I'd rather have it stay off. I've looked through the BIOS
> settings several times, and I don't see anything relevant to power
> management at all. I can always unplug the machine, but it's an
> annoyance when I forget and it powers up by itself. Anyone know how to
> change this?
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