Changing a drive in predictable failure state

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Tue Jun 17 09:38:19 CDT 2008

On the fly can result in lost the whole array in the worst case. => data

omconfig storage adisk action=remove controller=id
omconfig storage adisk action=offline controller=id

One of these steps should be done to remove the disk from the array. I
use generally the offline task.

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On Jun 17, 2008, at 17:00, Bertrand LUPART wrote:

> I've a PE 2950 whose physical drive #3 is in "predictable failure"  
> state
> (blinking green/orange). This disk is part of a RAID-1 virtual disk.
> I was surprised when the tech told me i just can't hotswap the drive 
> by a new one. Since the drive is still considered as healthy, he said 
> i must remove the "faulty disk" from the RAID array beforehand.
> Since i'm running an unsupported Dell system, he just told me to 
> shutdown the machine and handle that with the controller BIOS, which 
> i'd like not to do.

I have pulled out a drive on the fly, inserted another and had the array
rebuild the VD just fine. I believe Dell discourage that but it should
work. ;-)


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