RHEL3 on an R300

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That's a really good idea! I'm trying it out now on a Core2Duo desktop I have kicking around as a "proof of concept" for my boss. Fingers crossed.


Thanks for the tip and also thanks to those others who suggested it as well.





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A possible option would be to use RHEL 5 as a host os, and then run a RHEL 3 
virtual machine for the Weblogic server.  This gives you the (possible) benefit 
of having hardware in the VM that RHEL 3 supports, plus the ability to recover 
quickly in the case of a disaster as you only have to relocate the VM. 

- Mike 

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RHEL3 on an R300




Has anyone tried RHEL3 on an R300? I know that RHEL3 is old, but unfortunately I am stuck with it for now as the version of Weblogic that we use isn't passed for RHEL4. Most of the servers on Dell's site don't seem to have been tested against RHEL3 and of those that have there doesn't seem to be any of the cheaper alternatives. 
So, does anyone have any experience? 
Thanks in advance for any replies. 
Mark Baxter 



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