RHEL3 on an R300

Kevin Davidson kevin at indigospring.co.uk
Mon Jun 16 14:00:56 CDT 2008

Or install a modern, supported OS that has current drivers for the  
hardware and then run creaky old RHEL3 in a virtual machine where  
drivers are irrelevant.

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>> Hi,
>> Has anyone tried RHEL3 on an R300? I know that RHEL3 is old,
>> but unfortunately I am stuck with it for now as the version
>> of Weblogic that we use isn't passed for RHEL4. Most of the
>> servers on Dell's site don't seem to have been tested against
>> RHEL3 and of those that have there doesn't seem to be any of
>> the cheaper alternatives.
> No don't have experiences as it is indeed way too old. ;)
> However, an install may just work. Problems may come from the local
> hardware for which RHEL3 will not have the proper (or current) device
> drivers.
> I.e. your modern NIC, HBA and RAID controller will likely have issues.
> Depending on if you can find separate drivers that you can use, this  
> may
> or may not be a show stopper.
> Example:
> old PE2950 have a PERC5/i, the latest PE2950 type3 has an PERC6/i
> the R300 may have a newer broadcom chipset that the old RHEL3 driver
> doesn't recognize
> If you can disable on-board hardware and use your own PCI peripherals,
> you should be able to live with it. My advice? Have your office use
> their account manager at Weblogic to press certification against a  
> newer
> RHEL. Or try to leverage contacts at Red Hat to have them check with
> WebLogic...
> Chris.
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