U160 or U320 with Adaptec 29320LPE on Dell PowerEdge, with Ubuntu Linux v8.04 (Hardy)?

Mike Berkley mike.berkley at gmail.com
Sun Jun 15 00:25:19 CDT 2008

If I understand correctly, the only SCSI card supported on newer Dell
PowerEdge servers (e.g. P1950III) is the Adaptec 29320LPE.

I tried using one of these cards with a U320 External RAID box.
Unfortunately, I kept getting kernel errors at U320 speeds.  In the
Adaptec BIOS, I had to reduce the channel speed to U160 before I could
get reliable performance.

I replaced the Adaptec 29320LPE with an LSI20320IE card, and am now
able to run the RAID unit at full U320 speed.

Are there special drivers from Dell to deal with the Adaptec 29320LPE?

There is a confirmed bug report on this issue filed at:


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