Red Hat ES 4 update 2 on PE2950

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Thu Jun 12 03:22:35 CDT 2008

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> I am getting "No hard Drives have been found..."  when trying 
> to install rheles 4.0 update 2 on a pe2950 with PERC 6i SAS 
> raid controller with 8 SAS drives.  Do I need to install the 
> driver for the 6i or for the drives at install?


yes I believe your Red Hat version does not offer a PERC/6i driver.
You can
* install RHEL ES 4u6 or RHEL 5.x
* provide the necessary PERC drivers at boot during the install

Dell should provide those drivers, but I have my doubts whether your
type of pe2950 (which is at mark III) will run well at all on the new
hardware. RHEL 4u2 is really old and I wonder why you're considering
this old OS version? 


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