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Wed Jun 11 16:16:48 CDT 2008

I'm guessing the disks aren't in RAID? If they are just yank one drive
out of A, put it in B. Then let them both rebuild.

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On Wed, June 11, 2008 16:03, Mad Unix wrote:
> I want to clone a PE2950, form Server A to Server B.
> The two servers have same configuration OS RHEL5.0 64bit with
> disk 73GB
> any ideas ? __.__

Have not seen g4l in the ensuing conversations, so I'll recommend that. 
Available via as an iso.  You'll need something else on
the network that will serve at least temporarily as an ftp server,
anon or otherwise and that can take the compressed image in terms of
space.  Do a "dd if=/dev/zero > bigzerofile;rm bigzerofile" in each
filesystem to zero out the free space before booting g4l.  Will make the
compressed image much smaller and the clone time much shorter.  I
typically see image sizes of 30% of the filespace in use on the cloned

You'll get a bit for bit clone of the existing box.  All g4l consists of
is a busybox boot environment with netcat and some scripts, but it's
front-ended fairly nicely and well-maintained as to drivers.  Current
version works fine on our 2850s, no 2950s in the environment.  I think
I've had to back off a version or two of g4l for some older hardware. 
Earlier versions also available at sourceforge.  I think the download is
only about 25Mb, IIRC, not nearly a full CD, anyway.

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