configuration management, was: RE: clone PE2950

Bryan Mclellan bryanm at
Wed Jun 11 15:38:11 CDT 2008

Hey hey, let's not call puppet mucky :)

The trouble lies in inheriting systems with little tweaks in far off places that bite you one at a time. I personally dislike working on heavily customized systems. I suppose that's why I use puppet+git+iclassify. Git logs are easier than wikifying :)

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> If he has a *heavily* configured system changing the hostname and IP
> addresses takes about 30 seconds when you know your stuff, whereas
> reconfiguring from scratch a WWW server, database server (with
> replication/backups?) and MTA takes ages.  Precisely why cloning
> exists when you don't want to muck with CFengine, Puppet, or tools of
> that ilk.

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