Use PE SC1435 memory in PE 1950?

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I am afraid not. For further info, keep reading.

The FBDIMMs in the 1950 use the same memory chip (DDR II) but they add
an AMB device to the memory stick.  That is a buffer that provides some
density advantages and reduces the number of traces necessary on the MB,
but also increases latency for each memory transaction.  As a result, it
is generally better to use the highest density DIMMs available when
provisioning servers with FBDIMMs. There is also some (~5W/DIMM) power
saving potential when you go to the higher density.

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We are upgrading the RAM on one of our PE SC1435 machines
from 16GB to 32GB.  In order to do that we need to remove
the 16GB.  I'd like to use that RAM somewhere else.  We
have a PE 1950 which has similar RAM but apparently not
the same.  When I look at the description of the RAM the
only difference I see is one is "fully buffered" and the
other is "Registered".  Can I use the SC1435 RAM in a
PE 1950?


---- Stephan

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