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larry eastwind gkmcc2001 at
Tue Jun 10 00:33:24 CDT 2008

Hi guys. This is my first post on this forum :-) So here is my problem. I have just got hold of this dell box and want to put my slackware 12 on it. 
  I have successfully booted knoppix on this box and checked my emails - so hardware is not faulty. 
  I did a fresh install of slackware 12 in the box and although the nic is seen and the irq is noted when the boot is taking place, when everything is finished, the nic is not allocated any irq.
  I thought maybe the DVD I got was faulty, so I put a hard drive in another box and did an install, no problem, can check my email.
  I thought maybe the on board nic in the dell was not fully supported so I put a realtek into a pci slot, turned off the onboard nic, re-tested with knoppix - still good, and went back to the slackware. Still not going. I only get the default local host when I do an ifconfig. When I do any other searches for eth0 it says the card doesn't exist. As mentioned above, the nic is detailed in var/adm/messages with its irq etc correct.
  Any suggestions?

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