PE1950 w/ Perc6/E + MD1000 - raid initialization time

Christophe Busson c.busson at
Mon Jun 9 12:10:52 CDT 2008

Hi everybody,

I've got a MD1000 w/ 15x 1TB HDD connected to a PE1950 (dual E5405, 8GB, 
2x250GB raid1 on the Perc6/i) and I'm setting up a Raid6 array using 14 
drives (15th will be used as hot-spare). It takes 40 hours to initialize 
the array. I've changed the BGI rate from 30% to 80% but this doesn't 
seem to change anything on the initialization speed. I've tryed using 
omconfig or the Perc bios to configure the array but once again, no gain 
in the init speed.

I've also got some Supermicro servers + 3ware 9650SE-16ML + 16x 1TB HDD 
and initializing a Raid6 array with the 16 drives takes 8h.

Am I doing anything wrong ?
Any of you tryed this config and got shorter initialization times ?


Christophe Busson
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