DRAC 4 ip port for virtual media

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Table 1-2. DRAC 4 Port Numbers

DRAC 4 Port Number Used For
Ports on DRAC 4 listening for connection (server):
22 Secure Shell (configurable)
23 Telnet (configurable)
80 HTTP (configurable)
161 SNMP Agent (not configurable)
443 HTTPS (configurable)
3668 Virtual Media server (configurable)
5869 Remote racadm spcmp server (not configurable)
5900 Console Redirection (configurable)
Ports that DRAC 4 uses as a client:
25 SMTP (not configurable)
53 DNS (not configurable)
68 DHCP-assigned IP address
69 TFTP (not configurable)
162 SNMP trap (not configurable)
636 LDAP (not configurable)
3269 LDAP for global catalog (GC) (not configurable

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I'm trying to connect an iso image file as virtual media in a drac 4,
but keep getting the error "Remote Media was unable to establish a
connection.  Please try again in a couple of minutes."

I'm suspecting firewall issues, but cannot find what port the virtual
media connection uses.  Could someone point me in the right direction



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