Question about bonding nics and mtu configuration

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Sat Jun 7 11:54:10 CDT 2008

We are doing a pilot project to test the feasibility of using Oracle RAC
on Dells and Linux to meet our reporting needs.  To that end we leased 3
2950's with 2 x 3.0 GHz dual core CPUs, 32 GB of ram,  2 integrated
Broadcom nics plus we added a 4 port Intel GigE card to each server for
a total of 6 GigE ports.  We have a Dell 6248 48 port switch.  The disk
space we have is a Powervault NX 1950 array with 15 15K 300 GB disks
running some version of Windows 2003 server.  We have installed RHEL 4.6
on the nodes.  Our database is Oracle 10gR2 with an 8k block size.


We have the RAC up with a single nic for the public interface, the
private interconnect and the ISCSI connection to the array.  The MTU on
all these nics is 1500.


We want to bond one of the Broadcom nics and one of the Intel nics for
the public interface using an MTU of 1500. 

We want to bond the other Broadcom nic with an Intel nic and use it for
the RAC interconnect using an MTU of 9000. 

We want to bond the other 2 Intel nics and use them to connect to the
NX1950 using ISCSI with an MTU of 9000.               


The Dell switch will be VLANed to support both the RAC Interconnect and
the ISCSI traffic.  I have been told both that this is all the hardware
we can use for the pilot, and that I can't get any short term help from
the networking team who are busy doing something else.  Not cool.


So, is there a bonding mode that can be used for the public interface
that does not require switch configuration?

Is there a bonding mode compatible with the Dell switch that we do
control for the interconnect?  I am trying to learn the switch as I go
and it seems that it supports  Is there a bonding mode that goes
with that?

Also, we tried setting the MTU to 9000 on the RAC interconnect and one
node started but the other two would not come up.  Sorry for no more
information but I don't have an error code at this time, but does anyone
have advice for me about this?


Finally, does anyone have suggestions for testing these connections once
we have the bonding set up?


I am currently reading the bonding doc and the switch manual.




Allan Nelson

Senior Oracle DBA

832 295-2238

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