MD100 and 2650's

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The only card that Dell sales that will allow a connection to an MD1000
is a PERC 5 or 6 E. This will not work in a PE2650, but will work in
some PE2850's provided that they have a PCI Express slot. 

As an alternative for your PE2650 you could use PV220s with pretty much
any SCSI card you want.

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The goal is a large stack of disk for a disk to disk to take scheme.  We

want to rsync the main datacenter disk to stack of disk at a remote site

and then backup to tape from there.

What would you use to connect a MD100  to a PE 2650 ?

It does not need to be Dell supported but is does need strong Centos 5 

As an alternative I have a 2850 that might be available for this


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