Problems with Fedora Core 5 and RHEL5 PXE/ks booting on PE1950 III

John Hodrien johnh at
Fri Jun 6 09:13:19 CDT 2008

On Fri, 6 Jun 2008, Matthias Saou wrote:

> Has anyone already seen this problem? I don't recall having ever seen
> it before, and that's with many PE1950 of all series (I, II and III).
> The only thing I can think of is if these servers have a more recent
> Broadcom firmware for the network interfaces which could cause
> differences (?).

Sounds exactly like portfast is not enabled on the connected port of the
switch.  What you end up with is the network being brought up, with a near
immediate DHCP request.  Takes 30 seconds for the port to become usable, and
30 seconds for DHCP to time out...


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